A Blanket Decision

Photograph of a crocheted blanketAt the Twisted Stitchers meeting, I held up my first, nearly finished, crocheted baby blanket. They oohed and ahhed. “But look,” I said, “There’s a mistake 40 rows back. Should I frog it?” The thought of ripping out thousands of stitches, weeks of work, irked me. They smiled, shrugged, and crocheted. Finally, someone said, “It’s about what you can live with.” I hesitated. I had three ex-husbands, too many former jobs and careers to count, a slew of lost friendships, and closets full of bad purchases. I picked up the yarn and pulled. Finally, a mistake I could completely undo.

Elizabeth Zahn writes from Long Island, NY. Her photo story about Jello appears on this site.

Photo Credit: alheard

10 Responses to “A Blanket Decision”

  1. sree says:

    loved it! Came full circle!

  2. detour says:

    a wonderful wrap out sentence – an a good job bringing us to it

  3. Tina says:

    I knit and have overcome my fear of frogging. Great example of crafting woes.

  4. Ummulkulsum Attahiru says:

    Wow! I relate to this so much. Well done

  5. Estela says:

    We love this story. So nuanced, so filled with interpretations!

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