A Brand of Modern Black Women

Brand of Modern Black Woman cropKinky hair coiled into four silky dollops on her head, bantu knots recalling an African diaspora like upraised fists and military berets and black bodies channeling latent prophesies. Long arms bunched at the bicep—swift to uplift, to hold tight, to fight back. Brown eyes and heavy brows grounding her in the present. Her body a shapeshifter: first a whip, then a bomb, now a loving rage without skin. Hers a hungry stomach fond of protest. She, warrior, black woman undeterred. On the news you call her militant. By day, I call her activist. At night, I call her mother.



Hafsa Musa is a queer writer and poet. They have self-published several chapbooks, are awaiting the publication of their first book, and run several blogs (WordPress, Medium) and a Twitter.


Photo credit: Anne Petersen

2 Responses to “A Brand of Modern Black Women”

  1. Carla Hanson says:

    This is powerful. Wonderful images–especially starting with the hair, which is such a powerful signifier. I love the alliteration–all those Bs. And the naming at the end provides powerful commentary. Simply lovely.

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