A Clean Sweep

She was bending over the dining room table taking a close-up of a vase. The table was covered with vases and bowls.
“What’s going on?” he said.
“All this stuff? It’s going away.”
“Doesn’t spark joy. Can’t wait to do the basement!”
He groaned. “It’s that tidying up fanatic, isn’t it? What’s her name?”
“Marie Kondo.”
“Who put her in charge? Why’s everything gotta spark joy? What about memories? They don’t count?”
“That’s why you take pictures. Feeling sentimental? Look at the photo.”
“A photo’s not the same.”
“Sometimes it’s better,” she said, and aimed the camera at him.

Donald Ranard’s prose and poetry have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Travelers’ Tales, WORDS, Light, and elsewhere.

Photo Credit: Bryan Ochalla

10 Responses to “A Clean Sweep”

  1. Brilliantly full circle

  2. Karen Lerner says:


  3. Ha! Yes! A new Beginning!

  4. laurie kuntz says:

    Great sub text and ending.

  5. Janet Huber says:

    Wonderful! It helped me start my day with a grin and a chuckle!

  6. Pat says:

    Great story! So much information and emotion in so few words. Masterful !


  7. Tony Press says:

    Pow! Well done!

  8. Andrew Owen Dugas says:


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