Alliterative Affection

Smoking her cigarette seductively, surreptitiously surrendering to sweet and slow suicide, she stopped, struck. A man, monotone and moody, moving by the Manhattan marquee, was made motionless. Locking eyes, the lackadaisical love that lingered at first look loomed loftily in the late night.

“Hello,” he hesitated, humbled.

“Nice night,” she noted nonchalantly.

“Quite,” he querulously quipped.

“Drink?” she dared, dauntless.

“My pleasure,” he placated ponderously, puffing pride into his pectorals.

“After you,” she advanced aromatically, applying ample attraction.

They walked whimsically, whispering words of wonder as they wandered wayward. Taking time to toil tenderly together, they took off toward the tavern.


Charlie Lowrey is a novice writer and student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. This is a fun story he wrote while bored in some terrible class or another.

Photo credit: Brothersoft

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