Amputated Luck

I called him Sweetie Pie. His real name was Frank. He was an adversary to Fate. He was a three-legged rabbit, frightened by nothing except heights. I put him on my shoulder once as a joke, and everyone at the barbecue seemed to love it. He pissed down my back he was so scared. I cried about it later in the bathroom. I imagine his missing foot, dyed red or blue or pink, sold in a faux-Cherokee novelty store, worn by some misguided soul in a feeble, half-hearted attempt at Luck. Fate laughs at Luck. Sweetie Pie laughs at Fate.

Robert Stroud lives in North Carolina. He started writing flash fiction a few months ago.

Photo credit: dawgbyte77

3 Responses to “Amputated Luck”

  1. Felicia says:

    Lots of meaning. I enjoyed it. Nice work in just 100 word.

  2. Gina Glick says:

    This really got to me as I had a wonderful pet house bunny for over 10 years. When I finally had to have her put away because she had cancer the nurse for the vet asked if I wanted a foot and of course I said NO.

  3. Viewer says:

    This was such a cute, seemingly simple story with intense, thought-provoking images of life.

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