Apocalyptic River

We picnicked by the sullen river, its water brown, opaque and dense enough for starving frogs to flop across. I offered you a slice of Sunbeam bread, the last unsoiled food we had. You chewed it out of spite, my routine generosity taken as offense. Whenever one of us moved the weatherworn table creaked and shifted. What good is money to us now? you sighed. Or fidelity? I pretended not to hear, staring at the splinters that hung like fingerlings along your pale, freckled arms. We had nothing worth keeping. Night began prematurely, as it does these days, with rain.


Fred Muratori’s poems and short prose have appeared in NANO Fiction, Boston Review, Sentence, Plume, Duende, Denver Quarterly, and others. His latest poetry collection is A Civilization, from Dos Madres Press.

Photo Credit: Beret Olsen

2 Responses to “Apocalyptic River”

  1. Janice says:

    I agree with both comments a great portrayal of depressing thoughts.

  2. Tony Press says:

    Whoa! I suspect this will get my award as “least-cheery” thing I’ve read all day. Well done, though, I must say.

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