Abstract image of police car lights.We were neighborhood royalty right up until the cops searched our house. They weren’t even looking for Arabella—they wanted all the car stereos Daddy took. But they couldn’t miss the eight foot fiberglass unicorn matching the one stolen from a nearby daycare. We sobbed when they took her and Daddy away. But for two weeks we flaunted her to our envious friends. For two weeks Daddy stayed with us, with no yelling or broken furniture. We had two weeks that lived up to every promise he made standing at our back door, begging Mama to let him in.


Katie Burgess’s work has appeared in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Rumpus, Reductress, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, Wind on the Moon, is available from Sundress Publications.

Photo Credit: Claus Tom Christensen

3 Responses to “Arabella”

  1. Kerry says:

    Yes. Just, yes.

  2. Good story, showing great skill in making it all come together in the last sentence.

  3. detour says:

    solid story – loved the opening line – that line just draws us in and propels us

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