Asparagus Pee

Photo of a toilet in the woods.Two days into the grim, doomed camping trip, Regina called off their wedding. They’d eaten shrooms, and she had the following revelation: the common ground they cherished in each another—concern about climate change, veganism, progressive politics, preference for a scruffy, wing-it form of travel, a high proportion of queer friends—was as arbitrary and happenstance as sharing the gene that made one’s urine smell funny after one ate asparagus. “It’s all irrelevant,” Regina said, tears icicling her cheeks. Ted knew he needed to reel her back, but all he could do was stare, entranced at the frothy, hat-shaped clouds.


Kim Magowan is the author of the story collection Undoing (2018, Moon City Press) and the novel The Light Source (2019, 7.13 Books). She is Fiction Editor of Pithead Chapel.

Photo Credit: Crystal Luxmore

6 Responses to “Asparagus Pee”

  1. detour says:

    I was gonna make a joke comment about how schrooms make my pee smell musty – dumb to say – but, I did say it anyway- didn’t I – this is a very good story – much enjoyed – I also really enjoyed the photo choice of Crystal Luxmore’s crapper in the woods – fantastic illustration

  2. Darcy Bonde says:

    Poor Regina needed to let out some fuel and Ted ignored her. This is a bit confusing, nonetheless this story taught me a lot about life. Don’t trust men to help you ladies!

  3. Karen says:

    I get what you’re saying, but their common ground is stuff they’ve chosen whereas having the asparagus pee gene is completely random, not a chose. Still your story’s unique and pretty funny even though the logic’s a little flawed.

  4. AnthonyMarino says:

    Max had moved out the house the moment he turned 18. His dad did not like this. He had everything in common with his son. From liking the same music to the same foods. He knew though no matter how hard he tried he could not get him to stay.

  5. KennyMarsach says:

    and another part of the 100 essay is that asparagus makes ones urine smell funny

  6. KennyMarsach says:

    the writer is trying say that mushrooms has helped two people realize allot of things about life. in the 100 words essay it shows how things about life sometimes are not very relatable. and that it has them realize things in a clearer picture. what I learned from this essay is that people sometimes need to take a certain organic drug to come to realization about there perception of the world is and to have some form clarity.

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