Because Some Doors Never Open

There’s something about a baby-gate left unhinged. The way it lists to the right like a barn door left open for a pregnant stray cat. The rest of the house is locked up tight, suffocatingly cold, because the psychic said that ghosts only return to the drafts of their deaths. Their son is traveling, the psychic claims, palm open, waiting for the press of cash, before continuing. Grief and yearning paid in increments, as they wait huddled together for the squeak of the gate, their breath little puffs of crystallized desire that never quite morph into eyes, those doors remaining closed.

Tommy Dean lives in Indiana with his wife and two children. Find him @TommyDeanWriter on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Josh Newman

5 Responses to “Because Some Doors Never Open”

  1. Emma Corwin says:

    Grabbed my attention right away with that opening sentence. So heartbreaking, I stopped breathing for a moment. Wonderful job!

  2. Lisa Ahn says:

    So powerful. I especially love the phrase, “Grief and yearning paid in increments.”

  3. Jayne Martin says:

    Just discovering this one now. Damn! Strong stuff. I’ve actually got chills.

  4. Melinda Bowling. Sue says:

    Captured my interest immediately the mark of a good story

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