Betty’s Begonia

Close up of a pink begonia.They buried Betty between bomb raids in a no-fuss, grassy grave. Overnight the sod erupted with vagina-pink begonias. It was agreed by several snippy-tongued relatives that this was typical. Betty had to be different, and flashy with it. It wasn’t right to be blowsy in such times.

Edith visited the grave and whispered Sorry. Betty’s relatives had talked of appearance’s sake and secateurs, so here she was, trying to tame the flowers into straight-laced conformity.

Back home, Edith withdrew a begonia from her pocket and shoved her nose into it, licking out the pollen. She smiled. It tasted of Betty.

Sharon Boyle has had shorties and flash published online and in magazines, including Ellipsis Zine, Exeter Writers, Writers’ Forum and Cranked Anvil. She tweets as @SharonBoyle50.

Photo Credit: koizumi

6 Responses to “Betty’s Begonia”

  1. Trish says:

    Love this. So much, in so few words.

  2. detour says:

    much enjoyed – lovely story

  3. Tony Press says:

    Beautiful – simply (yet complex, too) beautiful.

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