Blood Oranges

blood orangeIf I painted, I would have a blood orange period to rival Picasso’s blue period. I’d spend years teasing out the infinite variety of their marbled blushings, these enchanted orbs illuminated from within by some mysterious dark radiance. Still lifes, of course, but also landscapes with the oranges foregrounded so they are more prominent than mountains or ocean, echoing the setting sun on one canvas, the full moon rising on another. Abstract explosions of purple and orange. If some modern Medici paid me enough, I’d paint him—nearly eclipsed by the ravishing fruit glowing in the palm of his hand.


Dallas Crow is the author of Small, Imperfect Paradise (Parallel Press). He teaches English at Breck School in Golden Valley, Minnesota.


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2 Responses to “Blood Oranges”

  1. Tracey Witt says:

    Very visual, both external and internal, if that makes sense. I enjoyed it very much.

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