Photo Prompt: In Rooms with Brittany Markert

The first thing that struck us about Brittany Markert was she knew how to take photos of rooms. Rooms with people, rooms without people. Sounds easy, but it’s not. She evokes stories as much as she evokes places.

The second thing that struck us was her love of dissonance and blur, a preference for graininess over smooth surfaces, shadows over light, even when her subjects are the most beautiful of beautiful human bodies.

Exquisite statuesque models find themselves in torques of abandonment, despair, expectation. Or all of the above.

She’s a fashion photographer who wants to mess up the set. She’s a lover who looks for the spilled ashtrays the next morning. She’s got a touch of Francesca Woodman in her bones. Which makes her the perfect photographer for our monthly photo prompt.

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