Catching Rose Baxter in Room 9

Image of fireflies in the grasses and trees.She slid through her memories, trying to capture one, fireflies filling summer near a croaking pond, her mother singing her name, her name, a slippery ell, like the one brushing her hair calling her misses, as if she belonged to someone, someone like that nice man who used to hold her with fever in the taffy of night, strolling through gardens, tall with purple cone flowers, snapdragons, hollyhock, and that bloom, that bloom holding the scent of a thousand fluttering memories, memories like fireflies skimming a mirrored pond, her mother handing her a jar, singing Rose. Rose! Get the lid!


Sabrina Hicks lives in Arizona. Her work has appeared in Pithead Chapel, Pidgeonholes, Synaesthesia, Barren Magazine, Third Point Press, and other publications. More of her work can be found at

Photo Credit: Fred Huang

2 Responses to “Catching Rose Baxter in Room 9”

  1. Lisa Ahn says:

    I love the cadence and the imagery.

  2. Jan Andreas says:

    Wow! Excellent!

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