Photo Story: A Lonely Washing

By Tony Press
“It’s a lonely washing that has no man’s shirt in it, Eileen, don’t you forget it.” That’s what my mother, quoting her mother, told me, and told me, and told me.

Photo Story: Marissa

By Mary Chandler Philpott
Marissa and Carlos are in love. She told me. She told me she spends more nights at his place than at hers.

Photo Story: Life in Movies

By Richard Edenfield
We liked to mash up the entire box of Junior Mints into one big ball. Make it into the Death Star and eat it like Jedi Knights.

Photo Story: Pierced

By Catina Green
She wore army men as earrings, stretched t-shirts into skirts and blew through a can of AquaNet every two weeks maintaining a rooster comb hairdo of her own design.

Photo Story: All Things Bright and Beautiful

By Max Cardwell
Under northern skies in a hotel bed he is shifting in tidal sleep, from foyer bar oblivion.

Photo Story: The Abominable

By Michael Snyder
Lucy could bend even the smallest rays of light to her will. She created her own humidity, burrowed deep, and made dormant things grow.

Photo Story: Imaginary Number

By Shara Concepción
Before the necktie hung itself, a knot doing unto me what the body did; before the engine, fuel wound, light, I was the instrument and the song, un-living on the vocal cord of God, an imaginary number on a line I couldn’t see.

Photo Story: Cutting Lines

By Kathryn Pallant
It was her father’s favorite station: polished marble, vaulted ceiling, windows straight from a mansion house. Just like the best library he ever went to, but never had time for until the end.

Photo Story: Breaking Point

By Melinda McCamant
The view is better now, a verdant hillside shattered, not one crimson setting sun but hundreds, the dusty smell of late summer drifting in.

Photo Story: This is Where We Are, Now

By Colin Lubner
Years after our planes stopped marking white x’s and asterisks across our blue sky (well, years after our sky stopped being blue at all) and years after our graves stopped staying graves ...

Photo Story: The Locker

By Hoffi Munt
We rent locker space the way our parents rent houses. They are our sliver of space in this public world; a place to store, to fill, to hide.

Photo Story: Together, They Leave the World

By Zac Medema
I raise my phone and press record, immortalizing the ugliness. In moments the whole world will see.

Photo Story: On the Bubble

By Cherie Hunter Day
Light bends at the edges. See how the trees form green parentheses around our childhood. We made gum wrappers into zigzag chains and chased the ice cream truck for Klondike Bars.

Photo Story: On the Last Day

By Colin Lubner
On the last day, we will open our door, step into the still air of uncreation, and watch the sky unfurl. ...

Photo Story: From Here to Dallas

By Nicholas Cook
In the beginning the city stopped, now it moved too fast. He was taking that job in California. “I love you this much,” he said, holding his hands out like the length of a textbook.

Photo Story: The Four Horsemen

By Dan Slaten
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, like all popular quartets throughout recorded history, eventually turned into three.

Photo Story: Traveling Light

By Vera Duffy
Only the stickies speak louder than he. Fenêtre on the window. Lumiére on the lamp. Her room is a rolling patchwork farmland. A faraway world that’s not far enough.

Photo Story: ‘Ze Crab’

Isabella David McCaffrey
I wonder how Papa felt that first night in America, realizing he could never return to France. Leaving the hostel in Times Square to look up at the sky, comforted by constellations the same over Allençon or Paris ...

Photo Story: Twenty-seven Winters

By Karen Sherk Chio
The first year here, when the trees soured from green into drought-yellow and dropped their leaves, their twiny bodies like the kindling I collected as a child, I said, “Everything has died.”

Photo Story: Airport Shuttle

By Clara Ray Rusinek Klein
I was a biologist at the national university, Farhan says, turn signal ticking as he merges onto the highway. A PhD researcher. He floors the accelerator.