Photo Prompt: An Inherited Condition

By Eric Skinner
Hana shouts in her native Korean, “Foul Pig is waddling in for her manicure.” Venetian Spa on Broadway, far Off Broadway in Ocala, is operated by Hana and three sisters.

Photo Prompt: The Chair

Here's what we discovered with our last photo prompt: an empty, abandoned chair can hold more compelling stories than we ever imagined. We couldn't decide on just one to feature. You'll see why.

Photo Story: The Woman in Silhouette

The night scenes had been going on forever, it seemed like. Erik couldn’t get the headlight shot blocked correctly and Lorraine was getting pissed. She was tired of this role.

Photo Story: The Gurney

By Jeff Switt
November spreads its grayness across sticky sidewalks as acrid smoke from burn barrels warms frigid hands and stings sleep-weary eyes.

Photo Story: By the Tracks

By Beret Olsen
A bookish fellow, he studied God on weekdays, then made his way to Chaska to woo the schoolmarm there. Mercifully patient, he waited six months of Sundays for an answer to his question.

Photo Story: A Night at the Craig Inn

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising. This issue's photo prompt inspired some rather noirish tales. Get ready for a dark night of the soul.

Photo Story: Through the Bottom of a Highball

By Riley Schultz
It’s what we say when we can’t say anything in the dim lights, strong drinks, and vacant smiles. We are not here. She is not laughing. He is not touching her waist.

Photo Story: Empty Bed

Alone, I stay on my side of the bed—the left side. I have the freedom to move about and yet I cling to the edge of the mattress in a semi-fetal position, like a puppy who has been trained to stay.

Photo Story: Harmodius and Hoti

By Erin Campbell-Stone
My lucky rabbit’s foot has worked every time, or almost every time. It was in my back pocket when I won the raffle for a wine basket.

Photo Prompt: Lost Bodies

By Jeremiah Woodman Grace
"I only know 23 ways to be a fake, and I've only shown you 22 of them," I said. Not the most charming thing to say, I admit, but I thought she might want to see number 23.

Photo Prompt: Hornets, Broody Hens

By Christianne McMillan
Mary waited for a day warm enough to apply paint but cold enough to discourage hornets. She couldn’t control the impulse to dodge a hornet, any more than she could control the impulse to strangle the hen.

Photo Prompt: Nude Woman

By John Riggs
Where is he? And what’s taking so long? He said he was taking my clothes out to “Shake some sun into them,” and I thought that was sweet.

Photo Prompt: Bicycle Man

This odd man riding his bicycle in a dash of a blur (or a blur of a dash) captured several people's imagination in different ways, so we decided to publish a selection of stories.

Photo Prompt: The Things Left Behind

By Andrea Daniels
Milo was worried about his bean plant. His mother packed him and his sister into the car last night. After a few hours she turned off the highway.

Photo Prompt: Cook

Three twenties, soft as toilet paper, folded in his pocket. One left over from the poker game, two filched from Gina’s purse in an early morning fishing expedition. He had gotten lucky. Often there was only the baby’s soother, a nub of eyeliner and a mittful of change. Dom willed his...

Photo Prompt: The Woman by the Water

By Bobbi Lurie
The day after I buried him, I pledged to give all I owned to the nothingness which took away my future. I step out of my shoes and walk with naked soles on the pavement.

Photo Story: September 2011

By Tony Press
I used to think it would be, well, not all hearts and flowers, but, romantic, somehow, more romantic than my parents, that’s for sure. I didn’t mean to be the naïve girl who never did dope or even went to raves, for all the right reasons.

Photo Stories: August 2011

Tangled ringlets billowed behind her. “Mommy, look!” She bounded towards me, pink pants glowing incandescently. My mouth felt dry. Sweat poured down my back. I stood there with arms extended, legs quivering. I’d only ever dropped acid on lonely weekends when Eva visited her dad.

Photo Stories: July 2011

The 100-word stories about July's featured photo were, in a word, amazing. An old car. A brush of snow. A scene so simple that most of us would drive by it without noticing anything noteworthy. But therein lies the story. Banality is like a blank canvas.