Child’s Play

The first thing we noticed after breaking into his room was the mess. Mounds of clothing and food wrappers rose like rock formations. In his desk was a Polaroid of a woman wearing lacy white underwear, her lips full and plummy, garnished by one perfect beauty mark. The roots of my hair felt electric, just looking at it.

We unearthed nudie mags next, elbowing and giggling at the lurid pink that saturated every page.

Our greatest find was a camouflaged cookie tin brimming with aborted love letters. We had seen the geology of his desire; there’d be no hiding now.



Melanie Bui Larsen’s work has appeared in Bustle, Little Patuxent Review, and Remixt. She lives in Maryland with her husband. Learn more at


Photo Credit: Charlyn Wee

4 Responses to “Child’s Play”

  1. Jarrah says:

    Children will have fun playing with the toys

  2. Andrew Dugas says:

    The line “geology of his desire” is pure gold. The kind of line I read entire books hoping to unearth.

  3. Jon Remington says:

    I loved it

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