Photo of a gray cat at night.Hi, it’s Arlene Radford down the street. Sorry to be phoning you so late at night, but it’s about our cat, Chloe. Thick, gray fur. The one who disappeared. I was sure it was the Satanists; they eat cats as part of their rituals, not the babies. That’s the other group, although they’re here in the neighborhood, too. But my husband just figured out it was you. That strange way you scratched her belly on the sidewalk. He’s on his way over. Chloe may be eaten, but he knows he’ll find her along with other cat bones under your floorboards.

Eric Wilson’s work has been published in New England Review, Carve, Massachusetts Review, Epoch, Carolina Quarterly, Scoundrel Time, and the O. Henry and Pushcart Prize anthologies. He’s taught fiction writing at UCLA Extension.

Photo Credit: thompsonwood

3 Responses to “Chloe”

  1. Judy says:

    The photo of Chloe explains it all. Chloe, in all her majesty, deserves whatever revenge that can be mustered. Your story, once again, proves that cats deserve our respect. Did you see the recent news story about the black cat that jumped out of a burning building from a 5-story window and survived?

  2. Stevens Garlick says:

    Bravo, der Herr,
    Is there a way to forward Chloe to my sisters?
    Please advise.

  3. Hartmut Grossmann says:

    Yes, indeed! The world has gone crazy!

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