Color Theory

color theory-1Tommy did the hair of all the wives. Bouffants, streaks, highlights, henna, they came back every week. For some it was the way he’d agitate their nape before the blade grazed their neck, blowing bits of gossip into one ear, hooking hair around the other. For others — how he understood the quasi-spiritual qualities of color, as if taping a manifesto over ONLY YOUR HAIRDRESSER KNOWS FOR SURE posters, turning his shop into a nineteenth century Salon des Refusés. The play of light and shadow meant everything.  “When do you want to look your best?”  he’d wink. “In bed, I’d bet.”


Leonard Kress has published fiction and poetry in Massachusetts Review, Iowa Review, American Poetry Review, Atticus Review, Harvard Review, The Writing Disorder, Barn Owl Review, etc. His recent collections are The Orpheus Complex, Living in the Candy Store, and Thirteens. He teaches philosophy, religion, and creative writing at Owens College in Ohio.


Photo credit: Jenny Anderson

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