Three days ago I found a bucket lying in the street. It was a red plastic kind of pail that a kid might take to the beach. I wore it on my head all day and explained to people that I was from up North, and weren’t they afraid of bricks and things falling off of buildings here in the big city and crushing their skulls in? Quite a few said, Yes, they were, and we parted amicably. Others said, No, you’re off your nut, but their eyes drifted over our heads anyway, to the teetering tops of those buildings.

David Bogdan was born in New Jersey and raised in the Pennsylvania suburbs of Philadelphia. He studied sculpture in college, but became increasingly interested in writing after moving to New York City. He is now a writer, martial artist, zealous tea drinker, and darts enthusiast. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Photo credit: Tim Bow

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