Darkness, Oklahoma City, 1996

Darkness OK City-1To have something to do, they drove around the city after nightfall listening to music. Beastie Boys. Digable Planets. Some fuzzy mixed tape a DJ sold before leaving for St. Louis. They would end up at Denny’s smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee, talking William S. Burroughs and waiting for the guy to show with a sack. A waitress there wanted to be a model and Dylan screwed her in the back of a car in the parking lot one Tuesday dawn. She got stoned with him in the front seat after. She moved away, too. All the way to Seattle.


Brian Castleberry serves as co-editor for the fiction collection Richmond Noir (Akashic Press, 2010) and currently teaches film studies and creative writing at the College of William & Mary. His work has been featured by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Euphony, Barnstorm, and other literary journals.

Artist: Groume

2 Responses to “Darkness, Oklahoma City, 1996”

  1. having grown up in Southern Oklahoma, Oklahoma City and Norman, OK I must say you’ve captured it perfectly.


  2. Sarah says:

    Fabulous story!

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