Darling at Dinner

Image of the bottom of a wine glass and a wine stain.The waiter was staring at Darling, not me.

When Darling admitted she wasn’t 18, he left her wine glass anyway. He took mine immediately, probably mistaking me for 12. Our parents didn’t protest. My sister sipped the red expertly. He gave them complimentary limoncello. He poured next to Darling, leaning towards the precious fallen mascara clumps under her lashes.

Darling smiled at me.

The waiter watched her by the kitchen. Every time she swallowed.

In the car, she showed me the crumpled paper. The number scrawled hastily, a condescending grin and wide eyes.

I snatched the paper and swallowed it.

Ellie Prusko is a 22-year-old novelist working towards her Masters in Fiction at Emerson College.

Photo Credit: Travis Nep Smith

3 Responses to “Darling at Dinner”

  1. Jackson luria says:


  2. Sharon Boyle says:

    I like the sassy narrator. Great story

  3. Denise Bayes says:

    From the title onwards, I loved this piece. And the waiter, taking his chances under the eyes of the parents. I enjoyed the ambiguity of the narrator too. How old are they? Who are they? And what relationship do they have to Darling?

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