departureShe said: We’re going to be late. He said: We’ve got plenty of time. She said: Do you even know what time it is? He said: Soon enough. She said: You always do this. He said: You’re the one who always does this. She said: I’ll wait outside. He said: Suit yourself. She said: Jesus. He said: Now what’s wrong? She said: I’m not sure I feel like going. He said: Great. She said: I’m going to change back into sweatpants and stay home. Watch TV. He said: Well I’m ready. She said: We’re late. He said: No, we’re not.


Jacqueline Doyle‘s very short fiction has appeared in PANK, Monkeybicycle, Vestal Review, The Rumpus, Café Irreal, Literary Orphans, Corium, and elsewhere. “Departure” was inspired by a writing prompt from Pamela Painter.


Photo credit: Gioconda Beekman


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  1. Mowlid says:

    Well written story, the way you understand each other is awesome.

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