I tried to teach you how to shoot a spit wad. How to find the right shooter, just the right diameter. A pen will do in a pinch, and it’s easily concealed and disguised. I tried to show you the ropes of delinquency. Cheating gumball machines, firecrackers in the mailbox, where to hide and how to use the porno mag we stole from Dad. I gave you your first black eye, baseball glove, drink, smoke, concussion, G.I. Joe, bike ride in a lightning storm and friendship. I did the best a brother could.

But I never taught you how to fly.

Levi Andrew Noe was born and raised in Denver, CO. He is a writer, wanderer, yogi, entrepreneur, and amateur oneironaut. His collection Rain Check was published in August 2016 from Truth Serum Press.

Photo Credit: Jasper Nance

2 Responses to “Descent”

  1. Letina Kelly says:

    Sweet and naughty and charming! Loved.

  2. Grace Ling says:

    oh lord. I can’t even. so good.

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