Dimensions of Human Behavior

Image of a silver fork and spoon.Shortly after we last spoke, you became a ghost, and I became a hermit. The sideboard where you kept the silver and the candles in a house on a river in Laurel Lake is now in my living room in Watertown, down the street from another river, and filled with books with titles like Dimensions of Human Behavior. I am twenty pounds heavier, stuck in my chair writing papers about why people do what they do, and you are the scent of silver polish steeped in brown velvet, a reflection in all of my baby photos, just out of reach.





Alexandra N. Kontes‘s work is forthcoming in The Jarnal. You can read more at Esmeraldasnest.com.

Art Credit: Leanda Xavian

3 Responses to “Dimensions of Human Behavior”

  1. Lucian Childs says:

    Very nice. Sad and beautiful.

  2. Bethany Maxwell says:

    Wow, striking. Beautiful.

  3. T Miller says:

    Love this.

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