Dog Yard

They enter the dog run like worms squiggling into humid clay. Large man with spaniel. Two Komondor puppies tugging at their hideous white cords. High-heeled woman clasping a leather leash, asthmatic Affenpinscher pulling her toward a rickety mastiff with a sweet old rump but salty breath, like fried chicken and waffles. Wall Street was first, then Oakland and the university campuses. Now, here, I make my stand: Occupy Winsdor Dog Park, on the corner of McWilliam and Winsdor. Race is a biological fiction. Breeds are socially constructed. The Long Tail is no business paradigm. I am dog. ¡Viva la Revolución.


Ilan Greenberg is the co-creator of the popular Korean soap opera 나의 어머니는 수프를 요리한다. He lives in New York City with his girlfriend, Justice, and with his other girlfriend, Vengeance.

Photo credit: Terry Bain

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