Drive Fast, Take Chances

Hannah and Henry sm-1Fitz threw a good party. I only left because I never linger till the downside of anything.

I was nearly to my car when Fitz yelled, “Drive fast, take chances!”

I turned and saw him grinning on the porch, arm around my ex-girlfriend Karen. Despite the potential for awkwardness there was none. We’re amicable adults with suitable loose grips on history.

They waved goodbye and I waved back, pondering a response–“Words to live by!”–but decided to swallow it. Karen rested her head on Fitz’s shoulder, but not until I drove away. I only saw it in my rearview.


Tom Hazuka has published three novels, over fifty short stories, and a book of nonfiction, A Method to March Madness: An Insider’s Look at the Final Four. He has edited or co-edited six anthologies of short stories: Flash Fiction; Flash Fiction Funny; Sudden Flash Youth; You Have Time for This; A Celestial Omnibus: Short Fiction on Faith; and Best American Flash Fiction of the 21st Century (Shanghai, China). He teaches fiction writing at Central Connecticut State University. Links to his writing and original songs can be found at


Photo credit:  Beret Olsen


2 Responses to “Drive Fast, Take Chances”

  1. smith says:

    WOW I love this story is great.

  2. Meg says:

    Im 10 and I love this story its amazing how small it looks but is has a hundred words wow good story

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