Exploding Boiler

“Prepare to be amazed,” Lisa shouted as she pulled on her customized brass goggles, she always had a flair for the dramatic when presenting her work. “This will be a new age for mankind. No longer will you have to wait for a train that will inevitably be late! I introduce to you, Personal Transport!” Saying this she pulled a cloth aside, revealing a wonder of brass and wood. As she stepped aboard the transport, a rumbling could be heard emanating from the device before it suddenly exploded into countless shards cutting short the promising career of the young inventor.

J.A. Gonzales is a writer and performer. He has a passion for juggling, magic, and all things wondrous. His latest fancy has been in the realm of Steampunk. Learn more at www.about.me/jagonzales.

Photo credit: Mike Estee

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