flyDad had his Post-it notes in the funeral home. He liked the rainbow colors. He refused to accept her death, this child of his. He stuck them on as though she were sleeping. No one stopped him. LUNCH IN FRIDGE. MARIA PICKING YOU UP. ENGLISH PAPER!! EAT LUNCH NO CHEATING! SEE COUNSELOR JANE. GO OUT FOR BASKETBALL. IGNORE COMMENTS OF OTHERS! She would be buried with the currency of her generation, like a revered princess, with so many directions for the other side. A slight breeze blew through the home. She fluttered. She looked ready to rise and fly away.



Gary Moshimer has stories in Smokelong Quarterly, FRIGG, Pank, Word Riot, and many other places. He works in a hospital.

Photo credit: Beret Olsen

5 Responses to “Fly”

  1. Bobby Warner says:

    Sometimes it’s so hard to say Goodbye…very poignant little story.

  2. Jean Hoefling says:

    What a cool idea. Amazing work.

  3. Beautifully written, impactful as well. Can actually feel the moment.

  4. Tony Press says:

    This is beautiful … and skillfully done, too.

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