Full Cold Moon

They bear witness, the girl and the supermoon, pinned to different worlds. She studies the ocean, chin on knees, toes buried in cooling sand while the luminous orb above gathers stars from the sky, sprinkles them across the sea. In the water, surfboard beneath him, her lover waits for the perfect swell. He came for the power of gravity, a wild moment of joy. She came for him.

He whoops, riding high inside the tunnel of a giant wave, its crest moon-silvered.

She cheers.

But then he’s gone, board tumbling to shore.

She splashes into the water. Shouting. Waiting. Shouting.


Gay Degani, four-time nominee for Pushcart consideration, has published a short story collection, Rattle of Want, and a suspense novel, What Came Before. For more, go to www.gaydegani.com.

Photo Credit: Kestas Venzlauskas

4 Responses to “Full Cold Moon”

  1. David L Hume says:

    Good work, classic less is more.

  2. I never saw the ending coming. Brilliant!

  3. Jayne Martin says:

    The is gorgeous, Gay!

  4. Jon Remington says:

    Really good stuff. Thank you for the good read.

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