GetawayNola sat ripening, Gulf waters spitting foam at her feet — sunglasses, lotion, rum and coke, and a circus tent towel — the whole bit. She just needed a god damned break from them. In San Francisco he saw the ripples in his coffee and heard the picture frames chatter nervously before the walls came down. He never heard a sound from either of them. They were pulled from the wreckage as silent as dolls while the red and orange lights danced through the trees. Under her magazine a cell phone complained soundless. Again he rang as Nola eased into innocent dreams.


Roderick L Picott is a singer/songwriter from Nashville Tennessee who travels the globe with an old Gibson guitar and a suitcase of songs. He has had songs placed in the F/X television series “Justified” and the feature film “Solitary Man.” Picott is one of novelist Nicholson Baker’s favorite songwriters.

Photo credit: Brian Talbot


3 Responses to “Getaway”

  1. Rick says:

    Wonder if my teacher will get mad if i do one of these?

  2. carol says:

    Me too. Having just become interested in the 100 word story I shall be using it as both a benchmark and example for my own attempts.
    You have perfected the art of saying so much in so few words. Brilliant!

  3. Chantal McCabe says:

    The most powerful 100 words I ever read!

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