‘Hocus-pocus, dominocus,’ my mother says

She shows me the pan of broiled bacon she’s just taken out of the oven. Frames it with her free arm as if she’s just performed a magic trick, as if the bacon’s a bunny. Oooh, I tell her. Ahhh. I swear, whenever I come back from Dad’s place, that woman’ll do anything to get my attention. I munch on some bacon. It’s chewy, and tickles the roof of my mouth, and I start to crack up all over again. I watch my mother do a pratfall into the oven, watch the door shut her inside like it’s a curtain.




Patrick Hueller has an MFA from the University of Minnesota.

Photo credit: Scarlet Lark

One Response to “‘Hocus-pocus, dominocus,’ my mother says”

  1. Diane Temple says:

    Love it! The detail about returning from your dad’s house adds the magic to this story of love.

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