Holding onto a Shadow

Holding onto a ShadowHe loved a girl named Claire, who was a three-dimensional shadow. He watched his shadow merging into her, her graceful slides, her stretches at sunset. Things were good.

One night, he said, “I kinda wish I could feel your heartbeat.”

She turned, said nothing. Things got worse.

They took a bus downtown. Sitting by the window, he looked out and watched a girl chasing the bus, which slowed, stopped. She got on, sat next to him. Her body slid into, and vanished, Claire.

“God, my heart’s freaking sprinting,” she said, her eyes sea-green. “Sorry, were you waiting for someone?”



Nathan Spicer was raised in Pittsburgh, went to school in Florida, and now lives in Charlotte. Some other stuff happened, too.

Photo credit: Christian Yves Ocampo



One Response to “Holding onto a Shadow”

  1. Tony Press says:

    Oh, I do like this one! Tender and sweet and (writing-wise) well-done, too. Delicious, I must say.

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