Photo of flies caught on flypaper.There are bees trapped into the walls of an abandoned home. There are ghosts trapped in the attic, swaying to their hum. There are flies trapped on a glue strip, beating their wings in anger. There’s a girl in the kitchen, trying to release them. She pulls the flies’ transparent wings—they come off in her fingers. She kicks open the attic door—the ghosts fade to the corners. She takes a hammer to the drywall—bees thicken the air, swirling towards the attic, sticking in the glue. The girl reaches through wall, touches her fingers to her lips.

Bailey Bridgewater’s work has appeared in Crack the Spine, Eunoia Review, Fiction on the Web, and the Flash Hero prize winners’ issue of The Molotov Cocktail, among others. Bailey’s short story collection, A Map of Safe Places, will be published by Red Bird Chapbooks in 2021.

Photo Credit: Marco Verch

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  1. Jujhar says:

    Very descriptive. I love bees and honey!

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