I Sometimes Imagine This

I Sometimes Imagine This III read in a book that it is not just the earth that is dying, but the universe itself. Going back from whence it came: before it came. It seems so. The animals are dead; Yosemite; the sea’s big fish; land itself. Last year, everyone-I-knew knew someone-our-age who’d died. One language dies every four months. My phone, as I write, is dying. I sometimes imagine this: The last person with the last word of the very last language, on what is now her rare and miraculous tongue, thankful that, at last, there is nothing left to


Bianca Ozeri is a writer living in Manhattan. She holds a BA in literature and creative writing from Occidental College. She enjoys baking, hiking, and tending to her house plants.


Photo credit: Michiel Van Balen

6 Responses to “I Sometimes Imagine This”

  1. This is a clever story about entropy, and the end of things. I love the way it ends abruptly, seemingly caught by Surprise by The End. The writing style is smooth and engaging. I’m used to looking at life’s frenetic creative face, but this story forced me to acknowledge the flip side – that things wind down and stop. This train of thought disturbed me – good job of taking me along for your ride.

  2. Tina lear says:

    This is just brilliant. Do we use that word too much? Maybe. But it’s the only one for this piece.

  3. Karen says:

    This leaves me speechless.

  4. Amy Lyons says:

    This is fantastic.

  5. Amy Lyons says:

    This is gorgeous. I love the last image of the last woman, the last word of the last language on her tounge. Just breathtaking, Bianca.

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