Ice Bucket

4426762744_5a0ae56ff8_bI sing to you of special decades and the gullible among you believe you’ve missed parties given by moonbeams trysts in coat closets with fedoras and dancing with wisps of shimmying fringe or fast cars sailing magically through four-way stop signs without harm I shake a few melting ice cubes and somehow you forget blood hocked jewelry leg irons divorce sanitariums bodies hanging in trees limbs in ditches bullets in walls heads hearts don’t worry there’s still time for you to ruin everything at the end of the night you and I are the same: vessels holding warm liquid temporarily.


Landon Godfrey is the author of Second-Skin Rhinestone-Spangled Nude Soufflé Chiffon Gown (Cider Press Review, 2011), selected by David St. John for the Cider Press Book Award, and two chapbooks, In the Stone (RAPG-funded, 2013) and Spaceship (Somnambulist Tango Press, 2014). Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Copper Nickel, Slice, Bombay Gin, The Collagist, Broadsided, Best New Poets, Verse Daily, and other places. Her short fiction has been published in Waxwing. Also an artist, she is co-editor, -publisher, and -designer of the letterpress broadside journal Croquet.


Photo credit: Jeremy Hiebert


5 Responses to “Ice Bucket”

  1. Adam S. says:

    This is what’s left of Lake Tahoe. There was a huge blizzard and it froze the river. The police are looking for 3 men who allegedly stole the ice from the river. This is the last piece of the river. People say that a man is frozen in the water. They say he was drowning a blowing bubbles in the water. That is where the bubbles come from. Some say you could still hear him crying for help if you are near the river. All I know is that when I was stealing the river, I didn’t hear a thing.

  2. Noah Beaupre says:

    This is wonderful

  3. Sara Codair says:

    Beautiful! I love how it build and builds, getting more surreal until ends with a few very real words. I also love that the whole piece is one big run-on sentence, and that just makes it more awesome.

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