Photo Story: Imaginary Number

Before the necktie hung itself, a knot doing unto me what the body did; before the engine, fuel wound, light, I was the instrument and the song, un-living on the vocal cord of God, an imaginary number on a line I couldn’t see. And then it appeared, before I had a word for eye, before I had a word for word, the wide-open face of a ticking clock: that swaying drop of amber light, its tapered head a glowing dancer, disembodied, slick and soft. A darkened room, a window. A world behind it, waiting, like a box of scattered light.


Shara Concepción is a U.S. Puerto Rican-Jewish writer and teacher from New York City. She has a special place in her heart for tiny, underrated wonders, like the sentience of cockroaches and the dense, palpitating core of good micro fiction. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in PANK Online, Eunoia Review, CosmoGIRL Magazine, Janeland (Cleis Press 2017), and elsewhere. She is a recipient of the CUNY Undergraduate Poetry Award.
Photo Credit: Jen Lund

2 Responses to “Photo Story: Imaginary Number”

  1. Brilliantly penned!

  2. Bob Conklin says:

    Transience, evanescence, impermanence … these are the thoughts your piece evoked.

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