Immediate Family Only

The very least he owes me is a body.  A thumb, a wrist bone, the big barrel of his chest. But there my father sits: gray soot in a gold cube. Astro turf covers the hole in the earth that’s not big enough to fit his calloused foot. People stand, talk about my father as if he’s still whole: an efficient, frugal man with thick white hair and green eyes. A lover of conglomerate rocks and geometry. Incinerated now, he’s ready to be lowered. The earth sinks under my chair legs, tipping me forward and I feel myself falling, falling

Laurie Ann Doyle is the author of World Gone Missing, from Regal House Publishing in October 2017. She teaches writing at UC Berkeley.

Photo Credit: infra-leve

5 Responses to “Immediate Family Only”

  1. Z says:

    That is very well put. Cremation often seems cruel and out of place in a Western context.

  2. Carolina Garcia says:

    his publications are very good, so much to understand with so little is a challenge, the brevity of Flash Fiction is an art.

  3. Enid Powell says:

    Absolutely love and admire “Immediate Family Only”. This is my first visit to and awareness of the magazine. I am definitely going to subscribe. My friend, Pamela Painter, has been writing Flash Fiction. Although I’ve published short stories (not THAT short), poetry and essays, I hadn’t known about Flash Fiction until she told me, and had her work published as well. I plan to try writing a piece myself.

    • Thanks so much Enid! This micro essay just came to me late one night. The 100 word limit was oddly liberating, giving me a container to hold the inspiration. Good luck with writing flash fiction and nonfiction! Best, Laurie

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