In Every Girl There Is a Forest

Double exposure of a girl and treesIn every forest there is a cabin. In every cabin there is a stove. In every stove there is an ash pile. In every ash pile there is a bone. In every bone there is a story. In every story there is a yearning. In every yearning there is a prize. In every prize there is a cost. In every cost there is a cut. In every cut there is a ghost. In every ghost there is a home. In every home there is a witch. In every witch there is a girl. In every girl there is a forest.


Jonathan Cardew lives and writes in Wisconsin. His stories appear in Wigleaf, Passages North, SmokeLong Quarterly, and more. He tweets @cardewjcardew.

Photo Credit: Khánh Hmoong

11 Responses to “In Every Girl There Is a Forest”

  1. detour says:

    . In every cost there is a cut. – a great line – a great sentence – I think this would make for a darn powerful spoken word piece

  2. Paul Beckman says:

    Jonathan-Loved the rhythm and the story.

  3. Good one, John! A keeper!

  4. Leonora Desar says:

    Love this! This has a beat and a rhythm and a magic.

  5. Really enjoyed the feeling this 100 worder created, like softly tumbling down and finding yourself back where you started.

  6. Tony Press says:

    Thanks for taking us down this remarkable rabbit hole. One thing does lead to another — good one.

  7. richard j gravelin says:

    Wow, this is fantastic. Love it.

  8. dayse dupee says:

    These are confusing because some of the stuff doesn’t match up for how this leads to that or how you go from here to there. The name of it made it engaging,

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