Jimmy Considers the Scar on the Tip of His Ring Finger

Jimmy Considers the ScarI ordered this sandwich once with paper-thin carrots in it. I can’t remember what else. I tried to recreate it. I failed. There’s transcendence when flesh comes against blade. The graphic contrast: red, white. It’s exhilarating, touching something you mustn’t. The instant before consequences (the sting, the blood) is sublime. Everything else in the world, in your head, is vaporized. I think that’s why she left—pursuit of that moment. It requires that we come up against what we shouldn’t. I don’t think she wanted to do those things. It was just a slip of the knife and the need.

Jason Marak’s work has appeared in The Paris Review, Raritan, Salmagundi, and online at Vestal Review. He lives behind the Redwood Curtain in Humboldt County, California.

Photo credit: Mattia Belletti


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  1. Vonny says:

    I like to imagine this is about a woman’s relationship. The moment she falls in love is her moment of transcendence. She goes from relationship to relationship in search of that moment.

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