Just an Accident

Tim flipped a dashboard switch and a red light blinked. When Larry got in the car, Tim pulled out.

“So,” Larry growled, “whadda want now?”

“You’re abusing her. First, cuts and bruises. Now broken bones?”

“Just an accident. She wants to leave, it’s her choice.”

“She won’t. She’s terrified.”

“Then you stay out of it.”

Tim’s speedometer said 45 mph. He glanced in the mirror, saw no one, then swerved into a concrete wall. Minutes later, bruised and aching but otherwise unhurt, Tim looked down. “He was my son-in-law. Didn’t believe in seatbelts.”

The policeman nodded. “And his airbag malfunctioned.”

This story comes from a collection of 101 100-word stories, Cops, Crooks, & Other Stories.

Mark Bacon has an MA from UNLV and has published three books, one that was printed in three editions and translated into five languages. Most recently he was a stringer for the San Francisco Chronicle. He’s had flash fiction published in Stymie and Flashshot.

Photo Credit: Jack Huster

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  1. phu nguyen says:

    it was pretty interesting, surprised ending.

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