small boxYou say, I’ll take care of it, because packing together would hurt too much. He stacks his things: clothes, books, photos. Hire someone, he says. I’ll pay. This is for the best, he says, and you say, I know. I know, it is. Later you will discover packing alone hurts too much, too. You will lie down on the floor and cry. The cat will wander in, blink, and step delicately over you to vomit, gracefully, into a half-packed box of his shirts. You will pretend not to notice and close the carton, crying, laughing, wondering what to do now.

Gina L. Grandi has been a teacher, a teaching artist, and an arts administrator. At the moment she is working on a doctorate, making masks, and fending off her cat’s advances.

Photo credit: Lance Brewer and Beret Olsen


4 Responses to “Leaving”

  1. victoria says:

    you are a great story teller i lovereading it evry time i read it i want to read it over and over again i wish i could write a stoy like that amzing work.thanks fir writing a amzing book

  2. Gina L. Grandi says:

    Thank you! Much, *much* appreciated.

  3. Tony Press says:

    I agree with the previous comment. This one is good. Real, and good.

  4. Eric Skinner says:

    Great story. Wonderful dialogue and emotion. Thanks for sharing!

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