Lenin at 144

lenin at 144Lenin’s receiving in his Moscow Mausoleum. He’s done quite well death-wise. Countless fans drop by to see him.

Of course he doesn’t get around a lot these days, but in a vague sort of way, he seems vigorous, as if maybe he could bounce out a few high somersaults on a trampoline.

Although they don’t allow close inspections, he looks, at the official distance, like one of those lucky guys who never had a pimple.

After hours, busy stylists add a dab of paint here, a dab there, so you can’t really tell what is Lenin and what isn’t.

Ed Severson worked for The Arizona Daily Star in Tucson as a columnist and reporter. He has published several poems in small magazines.

Photo Credit: donmatas1

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  1. Sarah Overland says:

    Really liked the voice and the subtle humor throughout. Nicely done.

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