Little Bear

Little bear II-1Goldilocks hugs the wheel and we’re off. Speeding to church. I’m squeezed next to her in the front with Mama Bear. Goldilocks glows in a pink twinset and trademark pageboy. She’s wearing my wide pink paisley headband. Which she took without my permission. She thinks she’s hot stuff. I pretty much hate her all the time but especially now. I close my eyes and pray. Jesus please make something bad happen to her. A cop pulls us over. Goldilocks blots her lips, dabs on Chanel No.5 and smiles. A warning but no ticket. She gets away with everything. Because she’s adopted.

Roberta Beary‘s most recent book Deflection is a collection of prose poems. She tweets her photoku @shortpoemz.

Photo credit: Darren Tunnicliff

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  1. This is lovely. So precise, like writing with a fine-tipped pen; broadly-themed, funny and emotive. More 100 word stories like this please.

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