Lost Boys

Photograph of a black sun in a dark sky.Years later, we would have mortgages, car payments, and life insurance, but no recollection of when we all dropped acid together in the high desert after graduation. How when the sun started to come up, the clouds looked like crusader kings lined up against a limoncello sky, lances shooting past the horizon. How someone snapped a polaroid directly into the light to capture us saying we were gonna remember this forever. This is it, we all agreed, our pupils swallowing what remained of our iris meat, the polaroid turning pitch black. This is the moment right before it all happens.


Stephanie Yu lives within driving distance of the high desert with her partner Nate. She tweets occasionally @stfu_stephanie.

Photo Credit: Ben Seidelman

2 Responses to “Lost Boys”

  1. Paul Warner says:

    Love it

  2. Bonnie Belville says:

    I’ve never tried mini micro-fiction but I love a challenge. Thanks.

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