Monthly Theme

Breaking Point

Breaking point. Akin to boiling point. Not to be confused with break point. Tell us a tale to the tune of a breaking point and post it on our Facebook page–after liking us, of course (we’re desperate for friendship). We’ll publish our favorite stories in the next issue.

Tell us your story.

One Response to “Monthly Theme”

  1. steven beercock says:

    ’76, not as hot or humid as the previous year but warm enough to provide us with long grass, summer long, to hide away from the envious eyes of the “ad-vice squad” as we had named the old folk in our town. Heat, skin, hair and a necklace of electric kisses. Sunlight breaking through and inflaming her sweat-curled, summer-mad, auburn hair. In-your-face emerald eyes gently mocking my boyish shyness. Two years difference in age; twenty in experience. Those kisses cracked the fragile shell of my desires. Hands, hoping, helping. Contours of a new world. Then I went for a beer.