Morning Light

In the dark morning kitchen, pouring myself a cup of coffee, I hear her voice, the quiet, tired hello. I turn to the table and at first all I see is a shape, but eventually she comes in to focus, elbows on the table, tea mug against her right cheek, the glow of the streetlight above her head. How could I have walked by and not seen this woman whom I’ve spent more than half my life with? I tell myself it is the darkness, the lack of sleep, and the need for caffeine, but even I don’t believe that.




Steve Cushman received an MFA at UNC-Greensboro. He has published two novels, Portisville and Heart With Joy, as well as the short story collection Fracture City. For more information on his writing, visit

One Response to “Morning Light”

  1. Jessica Trudel says:

    I like the concept, the characters, and the tone of this piece. I only have one critique, if I may, and that’s the length of each sentence. I believe the story would be more effective with some variation in the length and structure of the sentences. That said, the piece is lovely either way.

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