Mt. Airy Resort, The Poconos, to North Adams, Mass.


Jilly, darling, if ever you are tempted into wedlock, I advise you to skip the honeymoon excursion—stay home & take long walks instead! It is ghastly here. The other couples keep saying “my husband”  & “my wife” & mooning over each other as if it’s sweet! Bill loves it—he’s friendly as a big puppy & tells me that he’s making business connections. On our honeymoon sez I? Meanwhile if I’m not smiling like an idiot because of wedded bliss, he thinks I’m being “neurotic.” Can’t wait to see you & tell all— Mrs. William Allbright (aka Nancy!)

This story is from a series Reeves Keyworth is writing based on the format of postcards. She has been nominated four times for a Pushcart Prize and published three chapbooks of poetry.


Photo credit: 1950sUnlimited


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