My Inflatable Girlfriend

inflatable girlfriendToday she’s a hot cheerleader, the next day she’s dressed like a nun. She knows me, she’s a mind reader. Yes, plastic dolls are lots of fun. I’m hoping she lasts till December, that’s when the warranty expires. If not I’ll date her twin sister who’s stored away beside the snow tires. She’s happy with cheap perfume and she doesn’t talk all day. I’ve met the perfect woman, there’s nothing more I can say. My castles and girlfriends are inflatable and my backyard swimming pool is, too. Friends say my tastes are debatable and I tell them to kiss my taboo.


Dan Campbell is a writer/poet in Falls Church, Va.

Photo credit: adapted from a photograph by Wayne Wilkinson

4 Responses to “My Inflatable Girlfriend”

  1. Tasha Mini says:

    So, fantastic!

  2. Ellie Phillips says:

    Tendentious Dan! Vive le plastique!

  3. Krystyna Fedosejevs says:

    This is so spunky. Words flared with your unique imagination.

    Well done, Dan.


  4. Bob Thurber says:

    Tenacious. I love it.

    best wishes,


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