My Lover the Fly

Alright, so he throws up all over his food. So what? He doesn’t have the enzymes to eat this crap. Your girlfriend is bulimic. Her $70 lobster goes down the toilet. His goes up his proboscis.

His eyes are a bit creepy. All five of them. Compound. Simple. Who cares. I can never see myself there. He lacks all focus.

And, okay, sex is pretty mediocre. Lots of buzz, not much climax.

But I tell you… That night you all stuck your knives in me? He was ready. My little larva. My maggot boy of salvation. He cleaned all my wounds.

Nan Wigington’s flash fiction has appeared in Spelk, Gravel, and Pithead Chapel. Nan has a fascination with insects and a love/hate relationship with flies.

Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre

9 Responses to “My Lover the Fly”

  1. Shanica says:

    Wow. Is this writing or craft! I am stupefied Nan Wigington.

  2. XxMohammad_LordxX says:

    Very nice story

  3. I stopped by for some inspiration. You did not disappoint!

  4. Cindy Patrick says:

    I’ve read this again and again. Inspired by your creative and original thinking!

  5. S.B. Easwaran says:


  6. Anna Sapp says:

    Wow. Killer

  7. Audra Brown says:

    So creative!

  8. Jan Elman Stout says:

    Terrific, Nan!

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