Never Nine

never nineI.

Like before: I kept a list of paper cuts and cramps—the sullen of (you) th—the taste of tin, the smell of antibiotics hemorrhaging at midnight.

Minnow, you are a tiny butter pear, you quicken like a bruise.

You are still here and weigh five ounces.  The skins assemble a nest.  The doctor tells me over the curl and swoop of telephone wire.

Your metronome.  Gypsophila.  Sopravvissuto.

Braxton Hicks plays Let’s Pretend. He’s dressed in blue and white between splayed legs.

Chances slim.  Jagged as a pinecone.  Trickled Spring.



Rachel Fogarty-Oleson has been supported by the Hampton Arts Management Micro-Grant and was the 2010 recipient of the Thomas E. Sanders Scholarship in Creative Writing Award. She serves on the editorial board of Yellow-Jacket Press. Her poems and new media poetic pieces have appeared in numerous journals and presses.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Perry

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